‘As Long as It Comes off as a Cigarette Ad, Not a Civil Rights Message’: Gender, Inequity and the Tobacco Industry

Friday, 17th December 2021
12pm-1pm (NZST)

The ASPIRE2025 Research Centre is delighted to welcome Dr Sarah Hill, from The University of Sydney for this webinar presentation.


Gender is recognised as a key determinant of health and an important axis of health inequities alongside social class, ethnicity and Indigenous status, and other aspects of social location. This review looks at how the tobacco industry interacts with gender, with a particular focus on women. It reviews the tobacco industry’s historical efforts to engage with women via marketing and corporate social responsibility activities, and reflects on its continuing exacerbation of gender inequities via strategies intended to protect market freedoms and the privileged position of commercial actors. By reinforcing gender inequities at multiple levels, the tobacco industry undermines the health of women and girls and exacerbates global health inequities. This highlights the need to address industry activity as a commercial determinant of ill-health and the limitations of relying on product innovation to reduce tobacco-related inequities.


Dr Sarah Hill is a senior lecturer at the University of Sydney’s School of Public Health, a senior editor on the journal Tobacco Control, and a member of the Lancet Commission on Gender and Global Health.


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