INSPIRED (the International Network to Share Insights on Tobacco Endgames) is a collaborative project across the first six countries to adopt government-endorsed endgame goals for smoking: Aotearoa New Zealand, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Scotland, and Sweden.

The INSPIRED project aims to provide insights on the feasibility and impact of endgame goals for smoking by collating information on the experiences, progress and lessons from the initial countries with government-endorsed endgame goals.

Specific objectives are to:

  1. Document and disseminate information on the progress and status of tobacco endgame goals.
  2. Share experiences, ideas, lessons learnt and best practice.
  3. Disseminate findings to other countries who may be considering adopting endgame goals.

What is an endgame goal?

Some governments have adopted ‘endgame’ goals to essentially end smoking by a specified date. In other words, rather than aiming to gradually reduce tobacco use, there is a goal to virtually eliminate smoking over a defined and reasonably short time period.

For more information about endgame goals, click here.

What are the endgame goals for each of the INSPIRED countries?

Aotearoa New Zealand: <5% adult daily smoking prevalence and minimal tobacco product availability, by 2025

Canada: <5% adult current tobacco use prevalence, by 2035

Finland: <5% daily use of all tobacco products, including all non-medical nicotine products, by 2030

Ireland: <5% adult current smoking prevalence, by 2025

Scotland: <5% adult smoking prevalence, by 2034

Sweden: <5% adult daily smoking prevalence, by 2025


Key documents and resources from the INSPIRED countries

INSPIRED publications and other outputs


Please find the 2018 INSPIRED Report below:

Our next report will be published in 2023.


Edwards R, Nip J, Thornley L, Schwartz R, Hara M, Clancy L, Duffy S, Giljam H. Ending tobacco use – learning from six countries with tobacco endgame goals. Swedish Society of Medicine meeting, Stockholm, 17 September 2022. 


Thornley L, Edwards R, Schwartz R, Hara M, Clancy L, Duffy S, Gilljam H. What is happening in countries with tobacco endgame goals? Findings from the INSPIRED (Network to Share Insights on Tobacco Endgames) project. 23rd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion, Rotorua, New Zealand; April 8-11, 2019. 


Thornley L, Edwards R, Schwartz R, Hara M, Clancy L, Duffy S, Gilljam H. Emerging lessons from countries with tobacco endgame goals. Findings from the INSPIRED (Network to Share Insights on Tobacco Endgames) project. Policy Research Network Symposium: Advancing the Tobacco Endgame. Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) Conference, San Francisco, USA; February 20-23, 2019. 


INSPIRED collaborators

Lead collaborators

Richard Edwards (University of Otago, Wellington, New Zealand)

Janine Nip (University of Otago, Wellington, New Zealand)

Robert Schwartz (University of Toronto, Canada)

Rob Cunningham (Canadian Cancer Society)

Mervi Hara (ASH Finland)

Luke Clancy (Tobacco Free Research Institute, Ireland)

David Evans (Health Service Executive, Ireland)

Siobháin Brophy (Department of Health, Ireland)

Eoghan Flynn (Department of Health, Ireland)

Yann Chalmers (Department of Health, Ireland)

Sheila Duffy (ASH Scotland)

Alan Dalziel (ASH Scotland

Hans Gilljam (Karolinska Institute, Sweden)

Collaborators for the 2018 Report

Canada: Rob Cunningham (Senior Policy Analyst, Canadian Cancer Society), Robert Schwartz (University of Toronto) 

Finland: Mervi Hara (Coordinator, ASH Finland), Otto Ruokolainen (National Institute for Health and Welfare/THL), Hanna Ollila (THL), Meri Paavola (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health), Reetta Honkanen (Valvira: National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health)

Ireland: David Evans (Coordinator, Health Service Executive), Luke Clancy (Tobacco Free Research Institute), Fenton Howell (Department of Health), Maurice Mulcahy (Health Service Executive), Patrick Doorley (ASH Ireland), Paul Kavanagh (Health Service Executive), Siobháin Brophy (Department of Health), Eoghan Flynn (Department of Health), Yann Chalmers (Department of Health)

Aotearoa/New Zealand: Richard Edwards (Coordinator, University of Otago), Louise Thornley (University of Otago), Andrew Waa (University of Otago), Janet Hoek (University of Otago), George Thomson (University of Otago), Nick Wilson (University of Otago), Robert Beaglehole (University of Auckland/ASH Aotearoa/New Zealand), Shayne Nahu (Cancer Society), Jane Chambers (Ministry of Health), Scarlett Storr (Ministry of Health)

Scotland: Sheila Duffy (Chief Executive, ASH Scotland), Amanda Amos (University of Edinburgh), Morris Fraser (Scottish Government), Gerard Hastings (University of Stirling), Alan Dalziel (ASH Scotland)

Sweden: Hans Gilljam (Coordinator, Karolinska Institute), Göran Boethius (Tobaksfakta/Tobacco Facts), Margaretha Haglund (Tobaksfakta/Tobacco Facts)

Contact details

For further information please contact Janine Nip at Janine.nip@otago.ac.nz.