ASPIRE Aotearoa researchers believe vaping products (ENDS) should be regulated to support realisation of the Smokefree 2025 goal, which aims to reduce smoking prevalence to minimal levels among all population groups in New Zealand. Regulation should also deter uptake of ENDS products among children, adolescents and non-smokers.

ASPIRE Aotearoa members recognise that ENDS and vaping products are generally agreed to be less harmful than smoking (though there is also broad agreement that these products are not harmless). ENDS may help achieve Smokefree 2025 by assisting people who smoke to switch from the most harmful form of nicotine to a less harmful nicotine source. However, to benefit from ENDS, people who smoke must stop smoking altogether and make a complete transition to vaping. As ENDS use is not risk free, people should also be encouraged to stop vaping in the future, when they feel they would not relapse to smoking.

Current Projects

ASPIRE Aotearoa researchers have undertaken several studies into ENDS uptake and use. We list below projects that examine ENDS use and provide links to findings on research examining vaping topics.

  • International Tobacco Control Survey (PI Richard Edwards)
  • Te Ara Auahi Kore (PI Anaru Waa)
  • E-cigarettes and Informed Choices (PI Janet Hoek)
  • Feasibility Assessment of a Smart E-cigarette (PIs Janet Hoek and Mei-Ling Blank)
  • Smoking to Vaping (PIs Janet Hoek and Mei-Ling Blank)

Further Questions…who can you contact for help?

If you would like to contact the ASPIRE Aotearoa team about our ENDS research please email us at or contact the research authors directly.