WEBINAR: Latest findings from Aotearoa’s EASE and Youth & Young Adult surveys

Thursday, 14th December 2023
12:00-12:50 NZT


Dr Janine Nip, University of Otago

Dr Jude Ball, University of Otago

Professor Richard Edwards, University of Otago



About the webinar: Join us for a presentation of the latest findings on support for Smokefree policies and related findings from Aotearoa’s ITC EASE survey (for adults) and ITC Youth & Young Adults survey (for people aged 16-29 years old). 

The EASE study is a repeat cross-sectional survey of people who smoke or who have recently stopped smoking and the Youth & Young Adult survey is a population survey of youth and young people. The studies are part of the International Tobacco Control (ITC) project. Both of the studies are designed to provide an evidence base to inform measures to help achieve the Smokefree Aotearoa goal. We will discuss how the results could inform the debate about the government’s recent move to repeal Aotearoa’s world-leading Smokefree Legislation.

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About the presenters:

Janine is a Research Fellow with over a decade of experience in respiratory research. She is an active member of ASPIRE Aotearoa and an investigator on the EASE study.

Jude is a Senior Research Fellow affiliated to the ASPIRE Aotearoa tobacco control research centre,  HePPRU, and the Adolescent Health Research Group (the team behind the Youth 2000 survey series). 

Richard has over 20 years experience in tobacco control practice and research. He is the co-director of ASPIRE Aotearoa and co-principal investigator for the EASE study. 





Adolescents and young adults Public and stakeholder views Smokefree Aotearoa Smoking cessation Tobacco endgames Tobacco supply and retailing
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